John Schaffer for Vestal, NY 2023

My opponents have seriously violated the Public Trust
by publishing untrue and misleading information about the Town Budget

  • There is no secrecy as to where the money goes — all budget meetings are advertised and held publicly
  • A public hearing is held on the budget with a presentation and opportunity for public comments
  • The budget vote is done at a public meeting
  • My opponent has published misleading information portraying an entire department’s budget line amount as attributable to only the department head salary
  • My opponent either lacks the experience to interpret a municipal budget, or, more troubling, made a decision to publish false information
  • My opponent published misleading data comparing salaries of part-time positions to that of the same positions having gone full-time, portraying the difference as being attributable to only a salary increase instead of the positions going from part-time to full-time — specifically the positions of Supervisor and Director of Human Resources

Vote John Schaffer
Proven Strong Stable Transparent Local Leadership