John Schaffer for Vestal, NY 2023

Assessments: Fact or Fiction?

My opponents have seriously violated the
Public Trust by publishing false and misleading information on Assessments

The TRUTH: Assessments in New York State

  • All assessments must be at a uniform percent of value
  • The Town of Vestal has maintained 100% Equalization for 14 years following a 2009 town-wide reassessment by an outside contractor at the cost of $650,000
  • As part of an agreement and collaborative program with New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services the Town of Vestal annually reviews all assessments and makes adjustments to achieve equity
  • Assessments are driven by the level of the housing market, NOT the assessor
  • There are many benefits to keeping assessments current with the level of the market, including providing equity, transparency and low tax rates – YES, really! Your Tax Dollars at Work
  • Maintaining 100% Equalization in assessments has allowed town officials to maintain reasonable budgets under my leadership which has resulted in only a 1.5% increase in the town tax rate over 14 years
  • To preserve the integrity of the assessment roll the Assessor’s Office is autonomous under the law — the Supervisor and Town Board have no control over assessments

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